Censorship is Satan`s Masterpiece – Free Julian Assange

Censorship is Satan`s Masterpiece Free Julian Assange
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The Political Persecution of Julian Assange in order to silence him is an assault on all of Humanity.

Clearly an act of censorship of the worst kind against a Journalist and Publisher by the ruling elite for simply reporting the truth, which all of Humankind has a right to hear and know, it rests upon all individuals to stand up against the political persecution of Julian Assange in order to help secure his freedom.

Whether people believe in Jesus Christ, or not, one thing that we can all agree upon is that Christ was first and foremost a messenger as is written in the New Testament of the Holy Bible. And it is in this respect as a messenger that Julian Assange must be seen and freed from the powerful who are harming him in their bid to censor him.

To be sure, censorship is Satan`s Masterpiece that rips into the very essence of what we can know and what we need to know in our state of Human existence that we recognize as Self.

I hope you enjoy this somewhat amateur video, but in particular take note of its very serious message. You can join with many on Twitter in support of Julian Assange, including myself, and particularly follow his mother Christine Assange.

IN HOMAGE TO NASA / A Tribute to John Glenn


I created this video for Ballyhoo Central that I recently shelved, though I would like to get back to it. But for now I thought it appropriate to feature this video here on my Artspeak Central blog as a tribute to Astronaut John Glenn, who has just past away at the age of 95.

The Cosmos is amazing and so too the people, both on the ground and in Space from various countries, who make our understanding of it possible.

When I originally created this video in 2015 it was the anniversary of  the NASA Moon Landing.

ENJOY and give John Glenn a warm thought!

Victory for artists as Peter Doig authentication trial comes to an end — Art Law & More

In what has been deemed a victory for artists’ and their “unfettered right” to authenticate their own work, the Federal District Court for Northern Illinois yesterday (23 August) ruled in favour of Scottish figurative painter Peter Doig. As we reported on 11 August, Doig was being sued for US$5 million (£3.8 million) by the owner […]

via Victory for artists as Peter Doig authentication trial comes to an end — Art Law & More

In Memory Of Cecil The Lion = Slaughtered Animals Are Not Trophies

 Please do not forget Cecil the Lion, because the slaughter of animals for fun, or recreation, must be stopped.

Feel free to pass this video on and if possible take part in Animal Welfare organizations and the like, for every action against barbaric behaviour towards animals brings us closer to ending  animal cruelty where ever it exists.

A wold free of cruelty towards animals  -and people- is the kind of world in which most of us want to live in and I know that -apart from psychopaths- we all want the same for future generations.


UK rejects Greece’s appeal to negotiate the return of the ever-controversial Elgin marbles

This is a very distressing state of affairs that a super powerful country like England can continue to keep possession of Greece`s ancient Parthenon marbles, which are a major part of Creece`s cultural heritage. This behaviour by England is very disappointing and is a stain on England`s reputation.

Art Law & More

At the end of last month the British Museum and the UK Government formally declined UNESCO’s request to enter into mediation on the subject of transferring the Parthenon marbles back to Greece. Removed by Lord Elgin from the Parthenon temple in Athens in the 1800s, the marbles were sold to the British Museum in 1816 and have remained there ever since. The sculptures date from 447-432 BC, and are divided between London and a purpose built museum in Athens. 

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