IN HOMAGE TO NASA / A Tribute to John Glenn


I created this video for Ballyhoo Central that I recently shelved, though I would like to get back to it. But for now I thought it appropriate to feature this video here on my Artspeak Central blog as a tribute to Astronaut John Glenn, who has just past away at the age of 95.

The Cosmos is amazing and so too the people, both on the ground and in Space from various countries, who make our understanding of it possible.

When I originally created this video in 2015 it was the anniversary of  the NASA Moon Landing.

ENJOY and give John Glenn a warm thought!


A Call To All Artists And Art Lovers

This is my first post and there is nothing more pressing to say right now than to ask all artists and art lovers to help GREENPEACE  build the new Rainbow Warrior.

I cannot seem to add the link here, so simply visit Greenpeace International where you will find the New Rainbow Warrior banner and link `GET ONBOARD‘ . Alternatively see the tweet to your right concerning the Rainbow Warrior and click the link, which should take you to the right place: to an introduction video ever so worthy of seeing and sharing with your friends.

BRAVO to all who participate, but if you cannot, though want to, BRAVO to you too. Though do remember that being a member of Greenpeace is free and that you are needed.